What are synthetic diamonds?

We currently offer diamonds in five base colors with various tints: white, yellow-orange, light green, light blue and dark red.


You can select the following diamond shapes:


Diamanten Brillant-Schliff

  1. Brillant-Schliff (rund)
  2. Prinzess-Schliff
  3. Smaragd-Schliff
  4. Marquise-Schliff (Navette)

The technology utilized to create a cultured diamond is very complicated. Diamonds emerge naturally from carbon that crystalizes beneath the earth’s surface at high pressure and temperatures. A cultured diamond is completely identical to a natural diamond, but is created for you right in the laboratory.

Synthetic diamonds by high pressure/high temperature procedure (HPHT)


Cultured diamonds by high pressure

1. The shape of a finished diamond.

2-5. Area with moderate concentration of admixures.

6. Area with maximal concentration of admixtures. This is where crystal growth begins.

a. An area of approx. 90% admixtures surrounds the crystal’s core.

b. The admixture (the individual chemical composition of the hair)

The optic, chemical and physical properties of our synthetic diamonds are identical to those of a natural diamond:


Die Festigkeit nach der Härteskala von Mohs 10
Die Kennziffer der Brechung n = 2.42
Die Dichte 3.515 g/cm3
Die Dispersion 0.044
Die Lumineszenz in UV-Strahlen gelb und grün

Cultured diamonds produced using the HPHT method are characterized by outstanding physical properties and dimensional stability. This is why they also possess distinct luminescence properties (luminosity beneath a black light) and a flawless shape that only rarely occurs in nature. Furthermore, we’ve mastered the process of adding a small portion of hair to create your own, personalized diamond.